We like to think of ourselves as bargain hunters; in every investment it is our goal to pay only 50¢ to 75¢ for $1.00 worth of assets. To do this we evaluate the component parts of a company and assign each of its assets a dollar value. If this underlying value of the company is higher than the company's stock price, we consider it a possible investment opportunity.

Converting these principles into practice requires a sophisticated and consistent process. It entails extensive independent research, a high level of expertise—in appraising both assets and the claims against them—and the discipline not to be led by emotions when market conditions are volatile.

At ValueWorks, the consistency of our approach makes us an excellent investment choice for a core portfolio manager or as a diversification vehicle. ValueWorks is built on a commitment to independent judgment, intellectual consistency and a disciplined approach to original research. Our investment style is both time-tested and logical—simply put, we believe controlling quality assets at compelling valuations creates attractive returns over time.

Thankfully over time, this philosophy�consistently applied over years�has produced impressive gains in our portfolios.